Blog, the second

As far as writing is concerned, starting is always the most difficult for me. I never really know where to begin, or what’s going to matter. The most important part of any paper is how you approach the subject matter because it establishes the tone. There is a lot of pressure to make it perfect.

Typically, when I’m struggling with this sort of writer’s block I start writing down everything I want to discuss and start organizing it from there. Sometimes I start off writing the body paragraphs to jumpstart my inspiration. Like brainstorming, I write down everything on my mind and start putting like-minded subjects together. Sometimes, I don’t know what I’m going to truly write about until it starts coming together.

My grammar is my greatest strength when writing. I take great pride in being technically perfect with my grammar, especially since my media writing class. I’m looking forward to growing as a writer in this class and learning what I am capable of!


The First Blog

My final semester of college, and this is going to be the busiest one yet!

In addition to this PR writing class, I am taking PR Cases and Campaigns and MCJ reporting. Judging from the syllabi, all of the classes look like they are going to be very work-intensive, but I’m ready for the challenge! I am excited to really craft my writing skills and improve on my abilities as a public relations practitioner.

When I’m not at school, I work as a server at Elephant Bar in Riverpark. I’m there most nights.

I am also very excited for my internship this semester! I am going to be apart of the Fresno Fair communications department for the extent of the fair. I will work alongside a team of fellow interns on making the fair a total success.

Although it’s going to be a busy semester, I plan on keeping organized by using my calendar on my phone to organize all of my deadlines. I will avoid procrastination at all costs and finish this last semester as an undergrad strong!