The First Blog

My final semester of college, and this is going to be the busiest one yet!

In addition to this PR writing class, I am taking PR Cases and Campaigns and MCJ reporting. Judging from the syllabi, all of the classes look like they are going to be very work-intensive, but I’m ready for the challenge! I am excited to really craft my writing skills and improve on my abilities as a public relations practitioner.

When I’m not at school, I work as a server at Elephant Bar in Riverpark. I’m there most nights.

I am also very excited for my internship this semester! I am going to be apart of the Fresno Fair communications department for the extent of the fair. I will work alongside a team of fellow interns on making the fair a total success.

Although it’s going to be a busy semester, I plan on keeping organized by using my calendar on my phone to organize all of my deadlines. I will avoid procrastination at all costs and finish this last semester as an undergrad strong!


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