Read between the Nines

This blog subject couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Considering I am transitioning jobs, taking my three most important and final PR courses, finishing my band’s second EP, and about to start my Fresno Fair internship, I really don’t have much time for myself. So let’s sit back for a moment and fantasize at the thought of having time to do what I please:

…If I had two hours to myself

Chances are, I would probably play video games. I just downloaded a gameboy emulator onto my iPhone, so I get to play nostalgic games on the go! It’s nice just to get out of my head for a while and get taken to another world, even if it is just a weird nintendo one.

…If I had four hours to myself

I would get a mani pedi, gel for both. I realize it doesn’t take THAT long, but if I’m relaxing I don’t want to be stretched on time. There’s just something beautiful about those little massage chairs, the soothing salon jams and those hot cloths they put on you. Oh my gosh, incredible.

…If I had a whole day to myself

Since this is all fantasy, and I can say pretty much whatever I want, I would fly first class to Disneyland. I would hire what they call a “plaid cast member” to escort me around the parks. No lines, no problems. And I would literally eat so many churros that I would probably implode. But that’s just me.


Is it something that I eight?

50 things that make me insanely happy:

  1. CJ Ramsey
  2. My family!
  3. My niece
  4. Sweetie, my beautiful dog since 8th grade
  5. Music
  6. My roommate and bestie Gaby Nolen
  7. The rest of my best friends
  8. Disneyland
  9. Singing as loud as I can
  10. Playing and writing piano music
  11. Accomplishing everything on my to-do list
  12. A clean apartment
  13. When people love my work
  14. Achieving milestones
  15. Setting goals and making them happen
  16. My iPad
  17. My Macbook
  18. My iPhone
  19. iCloud for making it all work together
  20. Cherry coke
  21. Dog House Grill
  22. Craft beer
  23. Cute decorations
  24. Helping others be just as happy as I am
  25. Going above and beyond
  26. Finding the cutest outfit ever
  27. Puns
  28. Cool wine bottles
  29. BBQs
  30. Memorable nights
  31. Holding hands
  32. Disney movies
  33. Netflix
  34. Fluffy area rugs
  35. Pumpkin scented candles
  36. Cuddling
  37. Getting more than 5 retweets
  38. …Or over 100 instagram likes
  39. String lights
  40. The color purple
  41. Comic books
  42. Keurig coffee
  43. Bobby salazars salsa
  44. My faith
  45. Beautiful tattoos
  46. Avocados
  47. Gameboy color games
  48. Miniature anything
  49. Inside jokes
  50. Finishing this blog.

Snow White and the Seventh Blog

Social media, such a fine little beast. When does one post? What does one post? In a world surrounded by quirky memes, thought-provoking blogs and pretty much anything in-between, how do you stay relevant? With the amount of noise there is out there, it’s hard to say what the solution is. Social media is tricky, everyone could agree with that.


What I love:

  1. Access to everything. – The world is completely at your fingertips, and that’s rad.
  2. Keeping in touch. – Literally if it wasn’t for Facebook, I would have no idea who’s engaged, having babies, traveling the world, or a little bit of all.
  3. Twitter. – It’s just my favorite.
  4. Humor, all over the place. – social media made everyone a little bit funnier, and I’m not complaining.

What I hate: 

  1. Access to everything. – Yes, it’s also what I love. It’s really the best and worst thing about social media. Privacy’s sort of a thing of the past.
  2. Pessimism. – It’s like some people just got social media apps to complain to a larger scale of people. Stop.
  3. The pressure. – It sounds silly, but there is a pressure to maintain certain consistencies online. I have found myself too often stressing on when was the last time I posted on instagram? Or was that tweet funny enough? It’s ridiculous, I get that.


The hardest thing for me, is constantly posting interesting content. It’s definitely a struggle I face with managing my band’s social media accounts.

The Sixth Sense

Fall. What can I say about this beautiful season. Firstly, it’s my favorite season ever, for obvious reasons that it is the best season. Here’s said reasons:

1) Leather jackets
Do I even have to explain? They look cool, much functional and just work with any outfit.

2) Hot coffee
Like, all day every single day. It’s essentially glued to my hand.

3) It’s the kick start to the best holidays.
I’m talking Halloween, my birthday, Christmas and New Years. All good things.

4) Yoga pants
Clearly a cliche to add, but holy moly are they comfy.

5) Not hot weather.
Thank the beautiful lord.

That’s all. For now.

Christine’s Fifth Symphony (Blog)

Tips for creating the world’s best PR fact sheet:

1) Make sure all of the contact information is easily visible!

2) Avoid having too many facts.

3) Make sure there is a sort of “flow” or structure to the facts.

Tips for creating the world’s best promotional flyers:

1) Keep it brief.

2) Use a catchy headline.

3) Include a call to action.

I didn’t have to FOUR-ce this one

I am writing a poem about the color blue

It is the name of a dog searching for clues

It’s the reflection of my eyes

It’s the color of berries in my pies

It’s the skin of Dr. Manhattan

It’s the shade of my lavish satin

It’s the subject of a famous 90’s song

And it’s not that thong-tha-thong-thong-thong

It’s the color of a famous hetchhog

But it’s definitely not the color of a famous log

I can’t say my favorite color’s blue

But I can write badass poem about it, can you?

Third-y, Flirty and Fabulous

While it’s pretty clear to me why I am the most interesting person in the world, it was brought to my attention that I need to inform the public as to why. Poor world, you have been in the dark too long.

1) I am the reason everyone has an iPhone.

This one time, I emailed Steve Jobs while he was India, and suggested he make Apple cool again. He was reluctant, but went with it.

2) I let Kanye finish.

Because, lets just be honest, I have the best album of all time.

3) I built Disneyland with my bare hands.

My friend Walt and I had this crazy idea once.

4) Kylie Jenner is inspired by my style.

Can she just stop copying me already? It’s alarming.

5) I’m actually the biggest thing since sliced bread.

Just ask Wonderbread. I’m significantly denser than  it.

6) Buzzfeed copies my blog format.

6 reasons why.

7) I use quotes from Jennifer Garner movies as my blog titles.

And if that wasn’t obvious, we are done here.

8) I made Ray Bans cool.

While on the set for Risky Business, Tom Cruise asked if he could borrow my Wayfarers for a scene. I told him that I guessed he could, but I wasn’t sure if the world would quite “get” it.

9) I was the first person to live in a pineapple under the sea.

Never believe what you’re told.

10) Finally, I never prefer a Dos Equis.

So stop thinking the most interesting person in the world would expect anything else.