Snow White and the Seventh Blog

Social media, such a fine little beast. When does one post? What does one post? In a world surrounded by quirky memes, thought-provoking blogs and pretty much anything in-between, how do you stay relevant? With the amount of noise there is out there, it’s hard to say what the solution is. Social media is tricky, everyone could agree with that.


What I love:

  1. Access to everything. – The world is completely at your fingertips, and that’s rad.
  2. Keeping in touch. – Literally if it wasn’t for Facebook, I would have no idea who’s engaged, having babies, traveling the world, or a little bit of all.
  3. Twitter. – It’s just my favorite.
  4. Humor, all over the place. – social media made everyone a little bit funnier, and I’m not complaining.

What I hate: 

  1. Access to everything. – Yes, it’s also what I love. It’s really the best and worst thing about social media. Privacy’s sort of a thing of the past.
  2. Pessimism. – It’s like some people just got social media apps to complain to a larger scale of people. Stop.
  3. The pressure. – It sounds silly, but there is a pressure to maintain certain consistencies online. I have found myself too often stressing on when was the last time I posted on instagram? Or was that tweet funny enough? It’s ridiculous, I get that.


The hardest thing for me, is constantly posting interesting content. It’s definitely a struggle I face with managing my band’s social media accounts.


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