Read between the Nines

This blog subject couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Considering I am transitioning jobs, taking my three most important and final PR courses, finishing my band’s second EP, and about to start my Fresno Fair internship, I really don’t have much time for myself. So let’s sit back for a moment and fantasize at the thought of having time to do what I please:

…If I had two hours to myself

Chances are, I would probably play video games. I just downloaded a gameboy emulator onto my iPhone, so I get to play nostalgic games on the go! It’s nice just to get out of my head for a while and get taken to another world, even if it is just a weird nintendo one.

…If I had four hours to myself

I would get a mani pedi, gel for both. I realize it doesn’t take THAT long, but if I’m relaxing I don’t want to be stretched on time. There’s just something beautiful about those little massage chairs, the soothing salon jams and those hot cloths they put on you. Oh my gosh, incredible.

…If I had a whole day to myself

Since this is all fantasy, and I can say pretty much whatever I want, I would fly first class to Disneyland. I would hire what they call a “plaid cast member” to escort me around the parks. No lines, no problems. And I would literally eat so many churros that I would probably implode. But that’s just me.


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