I will be waiting, rhyme after rhyme. (18)

I live with a dog named Ollie

He’s brown, like the robot Wall-E

He only eats treats from Trader Joe’s

And he follows us excitedly wherever we go

He loves to howl when we make noise

He loves to act like one of the boys

Sometimes he likes to chew on our shoes

And when he has accidents, it gives us the blues

But when he knows he bursted our bubble,

He snuggles up closely and loves to cuddle

He’s a sour patch kid to all he meets,

Because first he’s sour and then he’s sweet.



17. No puns to be had.

This past Thursday, we had lovely guest speakers come to our 158 class. The park rangers from Yosemite came to talk to our class about becoming great PR writers and shared stories from their experiences, quite literally, in the field.

I think what really stood out to me was how prepared PR writing must be, especially for a place like Yosemite. It sounds silly, but you have to have responses prepared for crises, as they can happen quite unexpectedly. Although they prefer to write about the fun, things like fires, injuries and even death must be handled appropriately and timely, so they must be ready for anything.

Another great takeaway was to write press releases and photo captions the way you would want to see it in the media. The Rangers shared that many newspapers would use these for batam. This proves that press releases are an excellent tool in getting your client’s messages out there.

What was the most fascinating was the sheer amount of writing the Rangers do. I believe they said they wrote over 100 press releases this year, amongst their small team. It really hit me that I must be prepared to write often and to write well.

Sweet Sixteen

Four rad people I want to be like:


Emma Stone – Not only does she act brilliantly and makes anything hilarious, but this girl can literally rock any hair color. It’s not even fair. She’s gotten to date Ryan Gosling in two movies, actually dates ANDREW GARFIELD, and makes me laugh to the point of tears. Easy A, don’t even get me started.


Hayley Williams – THIS WOMAN IS ACTUALLY MY IDOL. Above all else in the world, she has inspired me the most. She fronts my all time favorite band, Paramore! Their song writing helped me through a lot of tough times, and taught me how to voice myself in my own songs! She even has this rad dog that’s brown and fluffy. She named him Alf. If that alone can’t describe why she is so rad then I don’t know.


Lights – She’s like a Cher-type. She literally renamed herself Lights. Legally. Aside from that utter madness, she writes great songs, married a wonderful musician, and has a beautiful baby girl! She’s my current mom goals, if that’s a thing. She still looks great, post-baby, and finished a catchy piece of art album while she was pregnant. She’s bringing the whole family on tour and that’s literally the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.


Elsa – She conceals, she doesn’t feel, she reigns queen of Arendale and she don’t need no man to tell her how to live her life. Someday, I wish to rock a platinum braid the way this girl does. Anybody with the powerhouse voice of Idina Menzel is rad in my book.

When you’re fifteen and someone tells you you’re a blog, you’re gonna believe them.

Clumsy, but trips with purpose.
Hides almost nothing.
Rolls with the punches.
Interested in learning new things and new ideas.
Speaks kindly of most everyone she meets.
Talks a lot. Like, a lot.
Into vintage gaming and obsessively cleaning
Never likes to be somewhere too long.

Gets ahead of herself.
Relentless energy.
little much at times.
Has an opinion about everything.
Always looking for new challenges.
Musically inclined, and musically driven.

The 14th, The Mistake

Mixed up the 13th and 14th blog. That being said, here’s some links to some PR job websites!

http://www.mediabistro.com/prnewser/category/pr-jobs – they have some great options, globally speaking. So this would be a great tool for people looking to do PR outside of Golden CA.

https://www.linkedin.com/job/public-relations-jobs/ – I know it’s not an official website just for PR jobs, but this field is all about social media presence, so I figure it’s a great place to look!

http://hoojobs.com – Hoo Jobs! First of all, with that cute of a name how could you go wrong? I came across this website when googling for links and it’s actually pretty cool! It lists a bunch of PR, marketing and social media-specific jobs.

Lucky 13


This is probably the only sport I enjoy at this point. The atmosphere’s relaxing, the hotdogs are delicious, the men are easy on the eyes. What’s not to like?


I’m a Giants fan. I love my team. Sure it’s torture at times, but that is what makes being a true fan so WORTH it. Orange October, it’s real.


I can’t really think of something I don’t like about baseball. Oh wait, just the Dodgers. And their icky fans. If they could just not with their whole existence I would be fine.

A Blogger’s Dozen

My favorite Halloween,

It was the year 2009. I was Lady Gaga. It was my first real party.

It was actually the turning point in my life. I had just got out of a bad relationship, and a lot of his former friends were there. We established lifelong friendships out of it. It was amazing to make something positive out of the circumstances that presided that evening.

What I didn’t know then was that I drunkenly met the love of my life at this party. It was very brief, I think I might have made a joke about his drunk friend to him, as he was the sober driver. It wasn’t anything crazy, but because of that, we vaguely remembered each other when we bumped into each other at black Friday. And then he got my number from my brother. And five years later, I couldn’t be happier.

So yeah, I’d say it was my favorite Halloween. For sure.