Blogs Eleven

For some reason, these blog subjects keep coming at very pertinent times in my life. I’m currently in the most difficult internship I have ever experienced and it’s been quite the damper on my PR confidence. The good news is, this has all been an incredible learning experience and I know that when I’m all done, I’m going to be more knowledgable and prepared than I ever thought possible. At least that’s what I’m aiming for!

When researching around, a lot of similar themes kept popping up. Things like networking constantly, using social media as a weapon, etc. were pretty common in the pr sphere, but a few things stood out to me.

Write more. Very appropriate for this class, but one website was very adamant that writing often really does help expand your capabilities as a pr pro. Not only does it make writing easier, but it also helps you craft your voice which can often get lost in the noise of the online world.

Learn something new. One of my favorites, because it didn’t really have to do with PR. It did stress, however, that educating yourself is vital for any successful career.

Cast your net widely. Specifically, when pitching a story, but I think it’s just as important with networking. You never know where your relationships will take you! And you never know when the right person might be listening to your story!

Choose your reactions wisely. When the going gets tough, sometimes it’s best to take a momentary step-back and breathe. Though it is important to react in a timely fashion, your first reaction may not always be in your client’s favor.



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