A Blogger’s Dozen

My favorite Halloween,

It was the year 2009. I was Lady Gaga. It was my first real party.

It was actually the turning point in my life. I had just got out of a bad relationship, and a lot of his former friends were there. We established lifelong friendships out of it. It was amazing to make something positive out of the circumstances that presided that evening.

What I didn’t know then was that I drunkenly met the love of my life at this party. It was very brief, I think I might have made a joke about his drunk friend to him, as he was the sober driver. It wasn’t anything crazy, but because of that, we vaguely remembered each other when we bumped into each other at black Friday. And then he got my number from my brother. And five years later, I couldn’t be happier.

So yeah, I’d say it was my favorite Halloween. For sure.


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