Sweet Sixteen

Four rad people I want to be like:


Emma Stone – Not only does she act brilliantly and makes anything hilarious, but this girl can literally rock any hair color. It’s not even fair. She’s gotten to date Ryan Gosling in two movies, actually dates ANDREW GARFIELD, and makes me laugh to the point of tears. Easy A, don’t even get me started.


Hayley Williams – THIS WOMAN IS ACTUALLY MY IDOL. Above all else in the world, she has inspired me the most. She fronts my all time favorite band, Paramore! Their song writing helped me through a lot of tough times, and taught me how to voice myself in my own songs! She even has this rad dog that’s brown and fluffy. She named him Alf. If that alone can’t describe why she is so rad then I don’t know.


Lights – She’s like a Cher-type. She literally renamed herself Lights. Legally. Aside from that utter madness, she writes great songs, married a wonderful musician, and has a beautiful baby girl! She’s my current mom goals, if that’s a thing. She still looks great, post-baby, and finished a catchy piece of art album while she was pregnant. She’s bringing the whole family on tour and that’s literally the coolest thing I’ve ever heard.


Elsa – She conceals, she doesn’t feel, she reigns queen of Arendale and she don’t need no man to tell her how to live her life. Someday, I wish to rock a platinum braid the way this girl does. Anybody with the powerhouse voice of Idina Menzel is rad in my book.


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