17. No puns to be had.

This past Thursday, we had lovely guest speakers come to our 158 class. The park rangers from Yosemite came to talk to our class about becoming great PR writers and shared stories from their experiences, quite literally, in the field.

I think what really stood out to me was how prepared PR writing must be, especially for a place like Yosemite. It sounds silly, but you have to have responses prepared for crises, as they can happen quite unexpectedly. Although they prefer to write about the fun, things like fires, injuries and even death must be handled appropriately and timely, so they must be ready for anything.

Another great takeaway was to write press releases and photo captions the way you would want to see it in the media. The Rangers shared that many newspapers would use these for batam. This proves that press releases are an excellent tool in getting your client’s messages out there.

What was the most fascinating was the sheer amount of writing the Rangers do. I believe they said they wrote over 100 press releases this year, amongst their small team. It really hit me that I must be prepared to write often and to write well.


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