It’s not easy, being so epically cheesy. (20)

CJ Ramsey. 

If he was a color, he would be gold. That guy sparkles.

If he was a gem, well honestly yeah he is. He’s just really nice.

If he was a food, he would be wings. Traditional. And you add seasoning as you go.

If he was an article of clothing, he would be an American Apparel black swoop neck. Overpriced, but comfy as hell.

If he was a day of the week, he would be a Saturday night. The ideal, ready-to-have-a-blast, time of the week. The end.

If he was a month, he would be December. Much like Saturday, it’s the conclusion, it’s warm, it’s giving, it’s full of expensive presents, it’s full of chaotic traffic.

CJ is definitely something else.


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