My most embarrassing moment (22)

I’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty embarrassing person. I’m going with my most embarrassing moment of 2014.


It was July. We (my boyfriend, my roommate and our other friend) were at Disneyland.

Concluding our second night, with park-hoppers and fast passes stuffed in our pockets, we arrived at one of Fantasyland’s signature rides: The Teacups.

I was a bit exhausted. And by a bit, I mean that I was IMMENSELY exhausted. The humidity that weekend was almost unbearable, and left the grounds of the park moist (ew I hate that word).

I saw the lavender teacup that’s known for being the fastest, and sped my way to the cup. Just before I entered it, another family swooped in on my gigantic dish. I tried to halt and in the sudden stop, I slipped and fell, hitting the plate portion of my ill-fated destination.

Everyone saw. Everyone stared. I wanted to die.


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