Next semester (26)

I’m very glad to say, I won’t be here next semester. I’ll be graduated in a week! So let me just talk about my post grad plans…

I really hope to get a great career with my degree. I’m frantically searching for something worthwhile.

I want to travel. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world.

I want to move. To any of the big cities, the little ones too.

I want to focus on my music. Now that I’ll be a little more freed up, I can focus on other creative endeavors.

Most of all, I want to pursue anything that will make me happy.

Class of ’14.


All I Want for Christmas (25)

Those that cost nothing:

My degree
A clean apartment
A nap
Someone to finish all my assignments
All promotional materials done for my band

Those costing between $1 and $10:

Real turquoise rings
Lush bath bombs

Those costing between $11 and $500:

Tall light fixture
Mannequin stand
Pots and pans
Record player
Alex and Ani Bracelets
Apple TV
Decorative pillows
Beach cruiser bike
Naked basics 2 palette
Giants Beanie
External Hard Drive 1TB

Those without pricing parameters:

Deluxe Annual Pass to Disneyland
Flight to Hawaii with an all expense paid vacation stay at Aulani
A badass studio in San Francisco
CD Printing
My car paid off
No more rent ever

Worst comes worst. (24)

There once was a girl. She had a name. It was surely something. Am I right? She didn’t have pets. She was scared of turtles. She didn’t commit to much of anything.

One day she thought about something. But I can’t remember what it was.

She drove around a lot. She liked to see a lot of things.

She didn’t have a car.

How did she drive?

..Twilight zone..